MV Adult-Youth Archery Shoot for Nationals – April 26th

MV family shoot2 2014Mount Vernon Archery Club Families and Nationals-Bound Archers competed as adult-youth teams on Saturday, April 26th at Mount Vernon High School.  Young archers brought mothers, fathers, grandparents, older siblings, aunts, great uncles, cousins and ringers.  Top adult-youth archers earned awards and prizes.  Everyone enjoyed a pizza lunch between flights.

The shoot featured a regular NASP target competition as well as 3D Challenge similar to the new IBO 3D Challenge that archers will see in Kentucky.  The Anamosa Bowhunters loaned the club use of the 3D targets for the shoot.

The Top Shooter for the NASP Shoot was Nathaniel Barnhart with a score of 290.  Nathaniel was awarded a bow with 3 arrows and a Robin Hood Hat.  Collin Hallier was the honorary 2nd Place archer with a score of 281.  He received the traveling trophy and two rolls of Charmin Toilet Paper.

MV family shoot 2014NASP Target Shoot results:

Adult-Youth Teams:

Elementary Female Champs: Grayce & Kevin Conley

Elementary Male Champs: Jake & Kevin Kadlec

Middle school Female Champs: Emily Friedman & Todd Vlasek

Middle school Male Champs: Collin & Chuck Hallier

High school Male Champs: Kayla Hicks & Mark Hocker

High school Male Champs: Nathaniel & Carl Barnhart

*Adult-Youth Teams winners received MV Archery Logo Drink Coasters made by the MVHS Transition Program

Individual Medalists:

Elementary Girls: 1st – Hannah DeWitte, 2nd – Faith Roudabush

Elementary Boys: 1st – Eli Webster, 2nd – Adam Vig

Middle school Girls: 1st – Emily Friedman, 2nd – Rachel Lochner

Middle school Boys: 1st – Collin Hallier, 2nd – Connor Meyers

High school Girls: 1st – Kayla Hicks

High school Boys: 1st – Nathaniel Barnhart, 2nd – Aaron Barnhart

Adult Female: 1st – Marcia Barnhart, 2nd – Joy Jordan

Adult Male: 1st – Ron Lochner, 2nd – Ethan Konkowski

IBO 3D Challenge Medalists:

Elementary Girls 3D Champ: Faith Roudabush

Elementary Boys 3D Champ: Adam Vig

Middle school Girls 3D Champ: Emily Friedman

Middle school Boys 3D Champ: Connor Meyers

Adult Female 3D Champ: Charlene Vig

Adult Male 3D Champ: Ron Lochner

On May 8-11th the Mount Vernon Archery Club will be sending 62 archers and 3 teams to the National NASP Championships in Louisville, Kentucky.

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