Become a Sponsor

How do I become a sponsor?

Sponsorship Levels:
Bullseye – $1000 and above
Red – $500
Blue – $250
Black – $100
White – $25

Recognition for contributions at the highest levels will be placed on club apparel and team banner. 

Sponsor banner  shirt back logo

The club defines sponsorship as a free will donation to support the club with nothing expected in return. As we are a service based organization and volunteer in the community as part of our charter, if a donation is accepted for services the club provides such as payment for labor to perform a task, the value of the service will be determined prior to performing the work such that an equitable free will value can be determined.

To be included on the MV Archery Club banner or apparel – Sponsorships need to be pledged by November 1st.

Contact: Chuck Hallier